Faith, human and divine, has provided the underpinning and motive power for many human endeavours. We humans are meaning seekers and meaning makers. As a people, we have sought God with a relentless desire for countless centuries. Human history is filled with inspiring deeds of light, produced by men and women who dared to see beyond the self-limiting borders and set larger goals and targets by accessing their deeper connections and capabilities. Such faith has produced many miracles of life, several of which were indeed very spectacular, be they in the realm of sport and adventure, in war or peace, in science and technology or in arts and architecture or in inspired and sacred writings.

The United Nations, while searching to find a solution to the great violence in the world, brought together the spiritual and religious leaders of the world to New York in August, 2000. The reason: in a survey it found that more than 80% of the people had a faith or belief system to power their lives. In spite of the giant progress that we have made in modern times and more so, in the recent decades, there is clear evidence that many are still searching for something more from life than what we have so far been

able to master and use. In spite of large material possessions, many experience a void in their inner life.  We are moving from the Information and Communication Age to the Wisdom Age. We are more than just body, mind and heart. We have also a spirit. There is growing acceptance of the fact that we are all connected beyond the global internet connectivity we already have. We are divinely rooted in God and cosmically linked to our deepest human resources. It is the great tragedy of life that most of this vast resource, human and divine, is not used by us and so we live lives of scarcity. Prayer, including silent and listening prayer, will restore our lives. The three-word mantra invitation from life:

Discover the aadhaar and foundation for life and living (I think both words mean the same)

Connect with these immense inner resources

Live the new and abundant life that it opens before you.